In a climate where quality customer service agents were looking to work for larger service corporations, AMMEX Corporation, was faced with the challenge of retaining quality agents as a small business in a highly competitive market.

This challenge prompted options to venture overseas for offshore operations to support the organization. The goal was to build a platform that would allow AMMEX to place essential, but non-core business processes overseas.

The Philippines proved the most advantageous location with a fast growing business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, a population of candidates with the innate ability to provide customer service and exceptional English communication. From there, iSupport Worldwide was born.


As AMMEX Corporation doubled revenue between 2006 and 2013, iSupport Worldwide, located in Makati, the heart of Metro Manila, proved the concept of a highly effective and functional team with immense cost savings. The initial customer service team established at  iSupport grew into a team of sales assistants, then sales associates, and National Sales Representatives. iSupport now employs team members from every department including sales, customer service, IT, marketing, social media, operations, logistics, human resources, accounting, and collections. Today, iSupport employs 78% of the employees for AMMEX.

AMMEX would not have achieved the same growth and global expansion without iSupport and the suppport network in the Philippines.


Since the initial launch, iSupport has branched out from solely supporting AMMEX Corporation and now offers similar services to outside clients. Now a full forced BPO, iSupport Worldwide has expanded from a single location in the Philippines, to a second location in Ortigas, just outside of Metro Manila. Demand from client success has further driven expansion into El Salvador and China.

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