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There has been so much buzz regarding “quiet quitting” lately. The concept behind the workplace movement is that employees are not going above and beyond at work, only doing what is needed. While it does not sound like a big deal, businesses are going frantic about what it means for their operations. After all, an inspired and hardworking workforce is one of the most effective ways for companies to separate themselves from the competition. 

Businesses try to extinguish the flames surrounding quiet quitting. Still, the movement’s overwhelming presence on social media makes life difficult for those who want to get the best out of their workers. Businesses are trying multiple approaches, including reminding employees of the consequences of quiet quitting for their career and personal development. Some are even trying to condemn the movement publicly, with famous business mogul Kevin O’Leary among the top discreditors. 

Businesses are doing whatever it takes to prevent quiet quitting from becoming a trend in their respective offices. However, it all starts with listening to what employees have to say. 

Why Employees No Longer Go Above and Beyond

Quiet Quitting: The Reasons Behind the Employee Movement

Everything about quiet quitting jobs will change when you look at it from an employee’s perspective. Business owners and leaders are often quick to judge quiet quitters as poor-performing employees, but an entire iceberg remains hidden beneath what they see on the performance sheets. 

Employees are people with goals and dreams, especially for their respective careers. They did not spend most of their lives studying and preparing without expecting career development and fair wages. To achieve that, employees work hard, going above and beyond for their jobs in hopes of, one day, reaching their dreams. Of course, they understand that career development will take time, patience, understanding, and luck. Unfortunately, many face the path of disappointment. 

Quiet quitting is not a trend that employees pick up because it is a popular movement. It grows over time, which might be full of events that make them face two critical situations: that life is not all about work or that opportunities they deserve are no longer theirs to take. A person’s mindset is bound to change when those scenarios happen, which might cause a shift in how they approach their work or even their respective careers in general. 

Employees no longer go above and beyond for a variety of reasons. A report by Gallup reveals a staggering 85% of the world’s workforce has remained disengaged in their work since the pandemic, fulfilling only what is required and nothing more since they have other priorities in life. Another study by Octanner reveals that disengaged employees are quiet quitting because they are not receiving the recognition and support, they expect from employers. Of the employees practicing quiet quitting, 79% of them revealed that getting acknowledged and valued for their work will lead to higher engagement and better job performance. 

In the US, you can even see a pattern developing. The workforce is mainly comprised of Gen Z and millennial workers, accounting for almost 40% of the global population and expected to rise to 60% within the decade. They are the next generation of workers and are more likely to disengage from work than older age groups, with a YouGov survey revealing that 65% of people in the 18-29 age group agree that employees should perform according to their salary and nothing more. 

Why Switching Jobs Might be Better than Quiet Quitting

Switching Jobs Might be Better than Quiet Quitting

There is no denying the importance of a career for a person’s life. It is a source of income essential to survival. Whether you are an engaged or disengaged worker, you can’t deny the importance of a job for your life. It is the primary reason The Great Resignation didn’t have much legs to stand on, leading to a brief period of mass resignations but ultimately resulting in talent migration. 

People have bills to pay and mouths to feed. A Pew Research report reveals that almost half of US employees are working their respective jobs with the primary purpose of making ends meet. That statistic places into context why people put career development on the back burner. Survival comes first in any situation. However, it cannot be denied that being highly motivated in a job you are passionate about can lead to a better lifestyle and mindset. The employee career gives you a purpose, and quiet quitting might indicate that you are either not in the right company or the right industry. Career development, as less of a priority than personal life and health, is still a vital aspect that can help you improve as a person. You still have dreams and goals to pursue, and quiet quitting will get in the way. So if you are considering quiet quitting, it might be a better alternative to switch jobs. 

What to Look for in Your New Employer

When employees contemplate quiet quitting, it almost always means that resignation is on the cards. In fact, 73% of employees are considering leaving their jobs. However, there is a massive emphasis on the “considering” part, given that losing a job means losing valuable income for day-to-day survival. Therefore, quiet quitting acts as a temporary phase until employees regain their passion for their work or find a stable work alternative, with the latter being the most likely outcome. However, it doesn’t mean they will automatically jump ship to the next company. Employees quitting will not do them any favors if they end up without a plan. The whole point of switching jobs is to secure a more suitable or promising situation for yourself, which may include a combination of the following factors: 

Aspects to Look for in a New Job

While work-life balance is ideal for every employee, being in a quiet quitting position can disrupt your development. If you feel disengaged with your current employer, it might be better to find a company that not only engages you, but keeps you motivated with your career.  

It will be another step to include in your job-hunting process. However, it is a better alternative than staying in a place you think does not deserve your hard work and value. 

Stay Passionate about Your Career with iSupport Worldwide

iSupport Worldwide team

Quiet quitting, as justified as it may feel, will harm your employer and yourself. As with nearly every situation in life, you should avoid staying in a miserable state, even if it means getting out of your comfort zone or taking risks you’ve never taken before. Instead of quiet quitting, you must always try to find the greener, better, and most comfortable pasture out there, which is where iSupport Worldwide comes in. 

iSupport Worldwide knows that the roots of quiet quitting grow from a person’s satisfaction with their career path and workplace. As a result, the company invests heavily in making changes to provide an ideal situation for the high-quality offshore team it presents to clients. 

Employees can benefit from the world-class facilities it provides, with break rooms, private quarters, pantries, recreational areas, and other areas designed with state-of-the-art features and technology to make work life comfortable. Its support services also provide work-from-home employees with everything necessary for performance and productivity. 

iSupport Worldwide’s learning and development programs also ensure that employees stay engaged with their career development, always moving forward through upskilling and performance assessments to open opportunities for promotions and appraisals. As the company’s headcount continues to rise over the years, so is its standing among international clients. With over a hundred clients coming in over the past few years, iSupport Worldwide has proven itself among the fastest-growing companies in the Philippines and America, receiving honors from Inc. magazine for two consecutive years. 

If you feel like you are quiet quitting or stuck in your career path, don’t hesitate to look at iSupport Worldwide’s job openings here. The work opportunities and the company’s dedication to helping the Philippine workforce make its mark among the best in the globe in terms of talent ensure offshore teams are always in a stable and satisfying position wherever they are in their respective careers. Take a look at the many career opportunities iSupport Worldwide has here.