Offshoring is a term often thrown around the same categories as outsourcing. While it might not have a similar level of fame as outsourcing, offshoring proves to have more benefits on its sleeve.

Outsourcing, like offshoring, aims to help businesses relocate office jobs to nations boasting significantly lower wage costs. In a competitive business landscape plagued by the Covid-19 pandemic, companies do whatever it takes to reduce costs. When they find out that outsourcing means getting the same quality of professionals as local talent for their operations, the business service becomes even more attractive. However, offshoring is more than just a staffing solution. It is a complete form of outsourcing, relocating not just office jobs but business functions in their entirety. The offshore team is not a third-party service provider. It is a natural part of business operations situated in a foreign country. 

Offshoring provides more long-term solutions to numerous business problems such as talent shortage, lack of cost-reduction strategies, and limited exposure to new markets.

Staffing is already a given for offshoring solutions, but its surrounding features take it a step above outsourcing. Besides world-class client support services, businesses also have access to creating facilities for their offshore teams. In simple terms, you can build a workspace containing all the necessary business equipment and applications. Facilities play a critical role in making your offshore team feel like an extension of your business, not a completely separate entity. Here are a few factors that come into play when building your offshore facility.

Establishing Office Branding


Businesses seek offshoring solutions to attain talented workers in another country for significantly lower labor costs. Setting up an office feels like a secondary goal because you wouldn’t want to build a facility without securing workers first. As a result, most clients utilizing offshoring solutions implement existing office designs from their local establishments. There is nothing wrong with following that formula, significantly when the office features benefit your in-house personnel’s productivity and efficiency.

However, the offshore team will get exposed to an unfamiliar environment, not to mention they live hundreds of miles away from headquarters. Businesses must make the extra effort to avoid making their newly recruited employees feel disconnected. Onboarding and training programs can handle that problem, but adding physical branding to the office design could also significantly contribute.

In the digital age, physical branding seems irrelevant. Why should you dedicate funds and resources to decorating a remote facility that contains roughly less than 5% of your entire workforce? The purpose of offshoring solutions is to save clients a lot of money, after all. However, you need only look at your local office to see how massive a difference it can make.

Physical office branding allows organizations to demonstrate their core values and fundamentals that work significantly better than words. 

Branding is a critical piece present in nearly every part of business operations. Marketing strategies revolve around brand identity, as today’s consumers value reputation and stance on different worldwide issues more than ever. Branding also affects employee loyalty, morale, and work performance. A plain and uninspiring office is not the ideal working environment. Your offshore team needs to know who they are working for or their values align with the company. As it has always been, the office branding’s effect on employees is an immeasurable quality. However, it creates a lasting impression that gives your offshore team’s efforts inspiration to accomplish their task for your business.

Sharing Business Technologies and Vision


Businesses are one step closer to preventing the offshore team from feeling disconnected when building a branded office. However, it doesn’t mean they can instantly mesh well with the company. Of course, training and onboarding programs help significantly. However, it shouldn’t be surprising if the output quality is not exactly what you desire. Adjusting to unfamiliar work culture, work expectations, and company branding will require time and effort from your offshore team. Time difference and language barriers could also become significant factors to the disconnection.

Given time, your offshore team can adjust. However, companies must be part of that phase. No organization expects an offshore team to fit in immediately, making it necessary to focus on the following elements:

Connecting Your Offshore Team with the Company

Most of those actions require your offshore team to stay within one location, hence the importance of an offshore facility. However, they seem like a lot of work. Fortunately, you can receive significant assistance if you pick the right offshoring partner.

Why Build an Offshore Team with iSupport Worldwide?

iSupport Worldwide is a leading offshoring firm based in the Philippines, one of the world’s premier offshoring destinations. With 15 years of experience and hundreds of clients served, the US-owned company continuously improves its processes to provide excellent offshoring services for foreign companies of any size and industry.

iSupport Worldwide’s location is at the center of six of the eight major business centers in the country, which means having complete access to talented Philippine workers.

You will rarely find an article or blog online talking about the importance of office design and branding for offshore teams. However, iSupport Worldwide recognizes how impactful it can help companies make the most out of our services. As a result, our facility support services aim to establish your branding and office design as close to your ideas as possible. Our IT support services will take care of onboarding the digital applications and technologies needed for your employees, down to the equipment specifications.

Our focus on building the ideal office design for clients benefits both sides. Clients will receive a well-designed and equipped workspace that spreads its branding in the Philippines, exposing their businesses to a new market. Our client’s offshore team will also benefit from increased productivity and efficiency unmatched by a plain and uninspired office design. 


Companies nowadays recognize the drastic shift to digital spaces for business operations. The outsourcing industry benefits from it, but there is no denying that the service feels like a project-based plug-and-play solution. Offshoring offers longevity, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic still making on-site work setups difficult and cost-reduction employee hiring and retention strategies ineffective. The advantages of offshoring to the Philippines address both problems.

However, iSupport Worldwide wants to value clients seeking the trending service. By focusing efforts on creating the ideal office for your offshore team, we establish your presence in the Philippines to attract more Philippine talent and customers.

iSupport Worldwide is your offshoring partner in extending your influence on the world. Are you interested in expanding your business? Click the button below to book a meeting.