With the rising cost of goods and customers keeping a tighter purse from the global recession, many SMEs will find their revenues severely reduced. No company seems safe, as even the FAANG tech giants are going through wave after wave of layoffs in this harsh economy. In the last few months, Twitter, Apple, and Meta have laid off thousands of workers, including those working in their offshoring locations.


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That said, for SMEs looking to grow and not just survive a bearish economy, working with an offshoring provider to expand your business can significantly benefit your bottom line. Let’s examine some key advantages an offshoring provider can bring to your company.

Optimize Your Resources

Most SMEs won’t have enough funds and resources to spare in building their offshore infrastructure and team. An offshoring provider can significantly alleviate the burden on your expenses by giving you the option to leverage their existing facilities. 

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You can minimize input on your side while benefiting from the advantage of a productive offshoring team. It also lowers the amount of time and effort needed to get started.

Access a Larger Talent Pool

The Great Resignation has undoubtedly tilted the labor market in favor of employees. SMEs will have a more challenging time acquiring talent due to the fierce competition between companies that want to find and retain the best employees.

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SMEs can leverage an offshoring provider’s vast and already-established talent network to source talent that fits their needs. Freeing your HR team’s time to find skilled employees for your main office is an oft-underrated advantage of working with an offshoring provider.

Establish a Big Head Start

A running head start for almost any endeavor will undoubtedly give huge returns. The bigger and the earlier you invest, the more time you give for growth and the earlier you can accrue the benefits of your advantage.

If you’re in a niche market and want to capitalize on a broader audience, having the first-movers advantage will net you huge gains that can put you ahead of your competitors. You can use an offshoring provider to start snowballing and rapidly grow, which may eventually allow you to become independent.

Get Opportunities to Take on Bigger Clients

With reliable access to an offshore team, you can massively increase your business’s productive capacity. Requests from clients that may have seemed too much before can be far easier to accomplish with a new team providing support.

While there are obvious risks to leveraging a bigger team for more significant projects, a move like this can open your business to more lucrative opportunities and give it enough momentum to take off.

Reduce Stress Overall

Let’s face it. Running any company or business is a stressful, 24-7 commitment. You have clients to satisfy, employees to manage and pay, and business partners to negotiate with. That is already a lot of work, especially if you have a small team. Delegating a few critical business decisions, such as the hiring of personnel, to an offshoring provider can go a long way in helping you juggle tasks and keep productivity above water.

The Offshoring Provider You Need: iSupport Worldwide

iSupport Worldwide is a leading offshoring firm based in the Philippines. We provide fast-growing companies in any vertical, industry, or language with the facilities and talent they need to set up and succeed with their offshoring plans.

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Grow your core business with our simple and scalable solutions while maintaining complete control of your new team. We can provide up to 70% cost savings for SMEs looking to maximize their limited resources for a dedicated team and a fully branded suite.

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