There is a pernicious belief in the corporate world that only the most ruthless and arrogant reach the top of the ladder.

Tamara’s life story is nothing but proof of the contrary. Kindness is a virtue that’s often ignored, seen more as a weakness than a strength in handling our professional lives. But kindness towards others and ourselves, especially in the face of struggle and hardship, is one that few can boast about. 

The Words and Stories That Define Her

For Tamara, the two words that best define her are ‘single-mom’ and ‘breadwinner.’ Hers is a story beset by the challenges and the triumphs intertwined with these titles.  

Tamara Bautista is iSupport Worldwide’s Associate Director for New Business Development. A BPO industry veteran with 20 years under her belt, Tamara’s journey to success has been nothing short of remarkable. She started as an agent and was then promoted to a trainer in the industry. She left for a few years to focus on becoming a licensed financial advisor while freelancing as a trainer for companies and the government.  

Tamara then found her way back to the BPO industry as a sales development representative for a client of an offshoring company. Through a friend’s referral, she was hired as a lead generator for iSupport Worldwide. Her exceptional performance in the role won her recognition from her boss, who then promoted her to account manager. She went on to bring in more clients, which finally landed her the role of Associate Director. 

My boss realized my potential to do more, so I did account management. And eventually, I was helping the company grow more, bringing in more clients – then I was promoted to Associate Director. 

Her determination and hard work led her to double the client base of iSupport Worldwide and add more than 30 new clients since she was brought on. 

But Tamara’s story is not just about professional success. Behind her incredible work ethic, she is also a loving single mom to a teenage son and a breadwinner to her mother and sister.  

Tamara always had a strong desire to be a mother and dreamed of having a large family with five children. However, when she unexpectedly became pregnant while in a relationship that was no longer fulfilling, she was caught off guard and struggled with conflicting emotions. 

Despite the initial shock and concern from her family, Tamara was grateful for their unwavering support and love. However, the news seemed to hit her father the hardest, and he disappeared for a few days without any explanation. When he finally returned, he picked Tamara up from her grandma’s house and simply said, “Anak, halika uwi na tayo. (Come, sweetheart. Let’s go home.) 

Being a single mom has been both hard and rewarding for Tamara. She tries her best to be both a mom and dad to her son, who is now almost 17.  

For her, the hardest part about that journey has been in trying to fill the role of two people. She must be there for her son without anyone else to relieve her, even when she needs to rest. And since her father’s passing, she has also taken on the duty of being the breadwinner for her mother and sister.  

I try to be his mom and I try to be his dad at the same time. And of course, there’s the financial obligation that you have to shoulder on your own. 

iSupportHer - Tamara

Despite all these challenges, Tamara’s relationship with her child has been one filled with love and kindness. He is into fashion and likes to cook, and Tamara supports him in every way she can.  

A Lesson on Kindness and Courage

Tamara believes it is crucial for women to be financially independent. Her advice to women just starting out in the BPO industry? Find the courage to take the leap of faith and take control of their lives. Try many different things, and through that journey, they will find their calling. 

Tamara’s story encapsulates the obstacles single moms face in the corporate world and their personal lives. For the longest time, she’s had to deal with mental health struggles. Having been discriminated against and judged in the past as a single mom, she knows full well that life and people can be cruel.

But Tamara never let that stop her from pursuing her dreams and remaining kind. She believes it is important for women to be compassionate, not just to other people but also to themselves. Her journey is a reminder that we all have our struggles, but we should never let them define us.  

About #iSupportHER:

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