International Women’s Month 2023 has been a blast for iSupport Worldwide. Like every day, the organization continues to celebrate the achievements of notable women in the company, from leaders to the latest hires. Supportive of diversity and equality in every form, iSupport Worldwide remains excited to see every member of its workforce continue to thrive in every aspect, including their personal lives and career aspirations. 

iSupport Worldwide is dedicated to empowering women and promoting gender equality. The #iSupportHER campaign has been a resounding success, featuring women leaders within the organization who share their journeys with the hope of inspiring younger women. During International Women’s Month, iSupport Worldwide has highlighted several exceptional women, who have shared their experiences of overcoming challenges, achieving their goals, and making a difference in their communities. Their stories showcase the diversity and resilience of women in the workforce and provide valuable insights into the obstacles and opportunities that women face. 

If you are interested in their stories, you can read about them at the following feature interviews: 

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For the final feature of the #iSupportHER campaign, iSupport Worldwide is proud to present Associate Vice President of Talent Acquisition Myrtle de Guzman. 

The Power of Experience

When it comes to being great teachers of self-growth and development, nothing beats experience.  

Myrtle graduated with a degree in Mass Communications from a prominent university in the Philippines. Like every exploring young adult looking for their career purpose, Myrtle tried everything she felt passionate about, even if it meant crossing various fields, from multiple roles in TV production for public service content to corporate positions in brand and marketing. 

“The journey gave me the confidence to go after what I wanted. The level of exposure in working with different people, and as we take after them, we learn a lot during moving from one role to another, and I’m grateful for that.” 

Eventually, Myrtle landed on talent sourcing, a giant leap from her previous career paths. However, it doesn’t mean that her past experiences did not come in handy. Her work as an episode writer and production assistant of renowned Filipino columnist Rey Langit exposed her to unique situations that humbled and inspired her. 

“It was a humbling experience because it wasn’t your typical studio shoot. It was an experience at the grassroots level. It shines a light on how fortunate you are if you have the means. But it comes with a responsibility to help others because we are equipped to do so. Indirectly, that’s the reason why I am in talent sourcing. There are folks that we should extend this opportunity to.” 

When you set aside all the corporate attachments of talent sourcing, you’ll see that its foundation is to provide people with a livelihood, an income, and even a purpose in life. Myrtle believes that being part of the talent acquisition group allows her to change other people’s lives, whether it is to help them put food on the table, put a roof over their heads, or achieve personal goals. 

“It is really our driving force to make sure that we get the message across and tell them that there is that opportunity with us.” 

Myrtle’s career experience helped her achieve the highest of highs, but her foundations remain on humble grounds. For her, people were never numbers, never recruitment metrics. And as the Associate Vice President for Talent Acquisition at iSupport Worldwide, we could not have asked for anyone better. 

The Powerful Change One's Mindset Can Bring

#iSupportHer - Myrtle

The #iSupportHER features aim to give the audience an in-depth story about the featured woman’s life. There, people learn about her journey and the challenges she had to overcome to grow and succeed. Often the victim of inequality and discrimination, women have been through a lot to reach where they are now. 

For Myrtle, her approach is one and the same. She is the second child among four siblings, raised by hardworking parents. She has a tight-knit relationship with her family. She enjoys a supportive environment helping her form a bubbly, carefree, and energetic personality. She carried that personality throughout life, even translating into her leadership style at work. 

Myrtle is very outgoing and friendly, both inside and outside the workplace. There is no separation because she loves engaging in conversation, getting to know the people around her, and establishing a deep connection. As a leader of the talent acquisition team, her relationships with her members are always in a good place, translating to better team chemistry and achieving goals. 

Of course, it doesn’t mean Myrtle’s story is void of problems. Like everyone in life, she struggles, sacrifices, and she loses. She gets overwhelmed by her responsibilities and hurt by the decisions she has to make in her career or personal life. However, it becomes clear that her personality is helping her overcome, recover, and succeed. However, the most important result is being thankful for who she is and what she has in life. 

“All my choices are within God’s plan. It is beyond my control in any sense. Everything that is meant to happen is going to happen. I don’t have any regrets. I can only imagine where I can be, but where I am, I am grateful.” 

Every woman experiences challenges unique to her situation. Life is unfair, and sometimes what may be easily solvable for one is impossible for another. For any woman at a challenging point in life, Myrtle has one enlightening advice: 

“If you are well-equipped, you can manage your problems. You must equip yourself to achieve your goals, whether to help your family or succeed in life.” 

Myrtle Believes in HER

Myrtle’s story is full of hope for all women, whether you are a young professional new to a competitive industry or a mother having to juggle multiple responsibilities at home and work. Myrtle is a model example and is open about giving career and personal development tips. If you want to hear more pieces of advice from her, you can watch her full-length live interview: 

About #iSupportHER:

iSupport Worldwide, a premier offshoring company in the Philippines, is celebrating International Women’s Month by sharing the achievements of women in the company, from empowered leaders to up-and-coming talent. This month, women will share their experiences and success stories, highlighting their contributions to the industry.   

By showcasing the women of iSupport, we aim to inspire and empower women everywhere to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals while supporting diversity and equality in all its forms.