Business Thanksgiving: What Entrepreneurs Should be Thankful for this 2021

Thanksgiving allows us to take a break and look back at our lives and the things we’ve accomplished so far. For business owners, the chance to pursue their dreams or run them for another year is one of the biggest wins to be thankful for during this special occasion. An entrepreneur’s journey has never been easy, filled with endless tasks that seem to test and solidify the traits that allow business owners to succeed. Thanksgiving might feel like an extra day of rest from the tiring entrepreneurial path, but it doesn’t hurt to give yourself a deserved pat on the back. So here, we share our business thanksgiving message to entrepreneurs.

Since we are in the season of gratitude, showing your appreciation to your employees, customers, and support group should be part of the business Thanksgiving to-do list. The strategy positions your company as part of their celebration for the joyous occasion. Letting them know that you are thankful for their involvement in your business growth and success aligns with the Thanksgiving spirit. Moreover, you can take it one step further.

A good entrepreneur knows that there are many factors to business success that are beyond control. Industry trends, advancements, innovation, and other unpredictable events seemingly appear out of nowhere, and your company might be taking advantage. In the season of Thanksgiving, we can take the time to be grateful for how the world contributed to the improvement of the entrepreneurial journey.

The Increasing Ease of an Entrepreneur’s Lifestyle


Nobody is born an entrepreneur. Like most, business owners and leaders work hard to gain the skills, knowledge, and experience needed for their respective career goals. For the average employee, the path to a stable career provides plenty of opportunities, with most resources for growth and development in their chosen profession supplied or applied by employers. However, the assistance that employees enjoy might not be applicable for people whose dreams consist of starting their respective ventures.

Entrepreneurs start from scratch and pour most, if not all, of their resources into their businesses. Sleepless nights, countless working hours, and excruciating self-doubt will all be hurdles of the journey they wish to pursue, and they should expect it. In the past, massive funding, commercial space, and costly employee recruitment strategies will automatically take up business expenses and all of those costs without even starting operations.

Yes, an entrepreneur must spend massively before seeing a penny of profit. When you consider how competitive it can be in the past, the business journey feels like a lonely and unpleasant path to trek. This Thanksgiving seems like the perfect time to be grateful for how the modern world made the entrepreneurial life much easier.

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The business landscape is now a startup-friendly world, acknowledging the need for every industry to continue cultivating small businesses that bring much needed progress, innovation, and competition across industries.

Staying true to making the entrepreneurial lifestyle easier is accessibility to funding. Modern entrepreneurs enjoy the financial boost offered by banks and other financial establishments through friendlier business loans. However, the best funding source available for aspiring business owners is through communities made up of fellow entrepreneurs and generous customers. Crowdfunding platforms can attract willing investors by bringing awareness to your business venture. Those modern tools power up startups by taking down their most significant concern: financial limitations.

Today’s modern world has also made room for people to find ways to pursue multiple sources of income. Technology streamlined processes to help turn an hour’s worth of work into seconds. Digging up data in a digital space provides more efficiency over going through a room full of stocked documents. All the accumulated time saved allows employees to become entrepreneurs as a side hustle. For business owners, it’s more time spent on improving a business or branching out in another venture. Entrepreneurship became easier given how much time and money we can save out of our everyday routine. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to be grateful for the continuously progressive world.

The Constant Presence and Arrival of Innovation

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Every year is a new opportunity for your business to improve, which is made possible by the continuous pursuit of innovation. Visionaries worldwide make significant contributions to the world of business, most of which are widely accessible to everyone in today’s landscape.

Innovation will not have the same effect if it is exclusive, limited, or unknown to the people who benefit most from it. They are always on display, finding themselves at the center of product launches, business conventions, and other areas where they can sell. As a result, your business can spot them easily, allowing you to incorporate whatever program, equipment, or strategy you can to make operations faster and better.

Within a year, companies can pursue different types of innovation. No company continues to thrive without innovating, and being able to celebrate your business growth or success on Thanksgiving means you are accomplishing it.

Business technology has grown by leaps and bounds this year, making a huge mark on the way we do business in 2021 and beyond. Moreover, there are no signs saying that innovation will be settling anytime soon, so you can look forward to the next Thanksgiving knowing your business will continue to improve.

Staying innovative makes your business more competitive, and it has become very apparent in the marketing field. The ever-changing trends in the industry show how reliant the department is on change, even if you have a well-structured digital marketing team under your company.

Innovation should always have a part in your business, and the best companies even create innovation management to stay up to date on the latest trends and forecasts in the market.

The Endless Possibilities of Remote Work


Thanksgiving is often a fun and lovely holiday where you and your loved ones gather to celebrate all the good things you accomplished this year. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, a global crisis that took over five million lives, medical developments and remarkable shifts in our ways of life helped us push through.

One of the main progressive changes that happened in the business world is the pivot to hybrid and remote work. It not only kept people working safely at home, but it also helped businesses save thousands on costs and paved the way to the future of operations.

Thought of as temporary and necessary health and safety adjustment at first, remote work opened business owners’ eyes to the endless possibilities that come with it. The best benefit it offers involves cost-saving strategies. On-site establishments, equipment, and devices are all essential parts of a business, but maintenance costs will always be significant business expenses. In a social-distancing world that leans toward digitalization, some on-site facilities are best traded in for more productive investments.

The same goes for in-house employees. Businesses in high-cost economies might find it challenging to pursue growth strategies when dedicating about 70% of the entire funds to your people. The global crisis saw companies from all around the world retrench millions of people because of financial issues, whether or not they identify as successful ventures. Fortunately, remote work gave businesses a chance to recover. Outsourcing and offshoring solutions sprung to life, allowing entrepreneurs to restart their operations with highly skilled remote workers from low-cost economies. COVID-19 was darkness for most businesses, but remote work served as the light at the end of the tunnel. As companies dive deeper into remote work setups, freelancing options, offshore teams, and outsourced local employees, the light begins to grow.

Adding a low-cost and highly skilled offshore team to your business is a game-changing trend for those looking to recover from the financial implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees will always be valuable business assets, regardless of the expenses you have to accept. Despite gaining a potential long-term solution for multiple business functions and cost savings, they remain people suffering from the same mental and physical wear-and-tear the global crisis continues to provide. As part of Thanksgiving, it is necessary to appreciate their performance and efforts and maybe think about ways you can provide support.

Our Business Thanksgiving Message: What Thanksgiving is All About


Overall, our business thanksgiving message imply it’s been a tough two years for entrepreneurs. However, businesses continue to adjust, recover and thrive because of modern advancements, increasing ease in entrepreneurship, and the people that go all out for your business. If you are looking for something to be thankful for in 2021, remember these blessings.

As you reflect on the year that was this Thanksgiving, take time to also look forward to the future. If there is one area where we can help, it is tapping into the unlimited potential of remote work for business success.

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