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The business dating game. Businesses consider outsourcing and offshoring as blessings for their operations. Expansion plans feel more within reach when you can rely on a service provider for high-quality talent in the most dynamic and low-cost markets worldwide.

However, there is a reason why businesses consider offshoring firms as business partners more than service providers. Because of the cost-reduction benefits, companies can consistently expand at significantly lower margins. Once a temporary solution for staffing problems, offshoring might become their go-to move for creating or enhancing multiple business functions moving forward.

The partnership is similar to a long-term relationship. The support offshoring companies provide businesses can take them to the top of their respective industriesWith so many factors riding on the partnership, wouldn’t it be great to know that you picked the best offshoring service provider for your business?

Finding the right outsourcing partner is the business dating game. There will be plenty of potential suitors, all giving you similar reasons why you should match with them. However, this is a massive business decision that could decide and dictate your growth.

What Happens if I Choose the Wrong One In The Business Dating Game?

Image representing the Business Dating Game

Like online dating, businesses have access to many options to match with the perfect offshoring partner. They are all around the world, offering similar services but with a few unique details here and there. Every one of them will tell you why they deserve a shot at the partnership, and they have the credentials to back them up. Your gut might direct you to a match that feels fit, but what happens if the decision ends up being a mistake?

Aversive tactics will direct you to something that applies to online dating in today’s generation: doing your homework. The business partnership has significant money involved. Small to mid-sized enterprises sign long-term contracts for tailor-fit employees and support services. But the elements might change over the years, especially when the providers fail to keep up with the ever-changing standards of outsourcing and offshoring.

Renegotiating outsourcing agreements feels like a cheaper and faster approach over transitioning to a new supplier. However, it will still come with a cost. Contract termination offers a financial grimmer picture, with liability fees, intellectual property, people costs, and asset transfers becoming costly nuisances just for ending the partnership. If a person you matched with on online dating turned out to be a mistake, things would end with heartbreak. For business partnerships gone wrong, the consequences could mean financial struggles.

Attractive options will be all around you, but doing your homework helps narrow down the list of potential matches. You’ll need an offshoring partner that understands the business love languages, moving past the levels you expect from service providers. An offshoring partner that knows how to nurture relationships with clients is what every growing company needs. Study and incorporation of technological advancements, acceptance of industry-related changes, and flexibility towards clients’ plans should be part of the arrangement. Among your sea of options you’ll find that iSupport Worldwide is the ideal match that can provide you with everything necessary for a long-term business partnership.

How Does iSupport Worldwide’s Profile Look Like?

In line with online dating, the first meeting between offshoring firms and clients often feels like an interview where you put all your best attributes forward. All discussions point toward how the service provider can resolve business problems, especially the issues related to staffing and costs. It will involve a lot of moments where offshoring firms try to sell themselves, even offering accomplishments to eliminate business owners’ worries and doubts. While the strategy could lead to a great first date, iSupport Worldwide views its initial conversations with clients as a way to foster a healthy relationship.

Online dating’s formula provides a sneak peek into a person’s life, extending the getting-to-know stage that makes meeting a match more efficient. The business dating game is similar as businesses must know every essential detail to avoid wasting time with discussions and move forward with business solutions as fast as possible. If your company plans on utilizing outsourcing and offshoring solutions for growth plans, here is a preview of iSupport Worldwide’s decorated profile.


Why Swipe Right on iSupport Worldwide?

After seeing our attractive profile, the only thing left to do is swipe right and match. However, you might still have a few doubts about how the business partnership will go. Doing your homework might not present you with all the facts, which means you have a few more questions bothering you in the back of your mind. iSupport Worldwide knows that this could be an issue that prevents you from reaching out to us, which is why we are including the answers to these frequently asked questions in our portfolio.

16 Questions to Fall in Love

The savings you can get from outsourcing and offshoring solutions vary according to the location and client requests. Cost-savings could reach up to 70% when partnering with a reliable BPO firm in the Philippines.

Hiring for multiple positions will take up a lot of time, especially during the preparation stage. Your recruitment team might also encounter difficulties with their other tasks for the company. iSupport Worldwide’s outsourcing and offshoring practice eliminates those problems.

Outsourcing involves seeking outside assistance to complete work tasks without the overhead costs of recruiting and hiring regular in-house employees. iSupport Worldwide provides tailor-fit outsourced workers for multiple business functions.

Offshoring solutions involve support services, infrastructure, and technologies in the country in which they are situated. iSupport Worldwide has everything you need in those areas.

Remote workers might be working in a different timezone, depending on where they are located. iSupport Worldwide informs and prepares chosen candidates for the challenge.

Offshoring firms identify what the clients want and need for applications, programs, and facilities necessary for their clients. iSupport Worldwide will take care of those and give you 100% control of all assets.

Whatever you need for your company. As long as the job can be accomplished remotely, iSupport Worldwide can recruit highly skilled workers for the positions you need. Take a look at the Industries We Serve section for the most common outsourced positions.

Clients only have to worry about the initial and final stages of the recruitment process. iSupport Worldwide will consider your preferences and qualifications regarding your offshore team before starting the recruitment process. The next contact will be you and us discussing the shortlisted candidates that fit your description for the final interview.

The recruitment process starts with clients giving us job descriptions and qualities they want from their remote employees. iSupport Worldwide will then provide a list of qualified and prescreened candidates for your selections. You make the final interview and hiring decisions while we craft competitive job offers to your chosen candidate.

iSupport Worldwide guarantees a highly skilled and tailor-fit offshore team in as fast as 30 days!

Our HR support and recruitment services will prepare onboarding and training programs for your new offshore team. Once it is over, we will let you integrate your employees into your company and brand. iSupport Worldwide will also create seminars and activities promoting employee upskill and wellness. Our support services will be available 24/7 if you want to add training programs for your offshore team.

iSupport Worldwide aims to keep the employee turnover rate low with employee engagement programs circling fun activities and overall wellness webinars. There will also be performance incentives and recognition awards for remote employees who constantly exceed your expectations.

iSupport Worldwide will be your business partner for growth and success. Adding new members for your offshore team or creating a different division will be as simple as an email or a call to your dedicated account manager.

iSupport Worldwide’s talent acquisition team aims to keep with the trends and tactics in the recruitment scene. Coupled with a strong online presence across multiple platforms, our recruitment strategies will be among the first things people will see. iSupport Worldwide’s 15-year experience also plays a crucial factor in establishing its presence at the top of the Philippines’ BPO industry to attract the best employees.

iSupport Worldwide cedes 100% control of your offshore team. Once hired, they will receive access to communication tools and work applications your company is using. If you find it difficult to reach your employees, you can contact your account manager, and we will be the ones to reach out to you.

iSupport Worldwide takes care of everything else for its clients. Here are the following support services you can expect from us:

  • Facilities
  • Workstations
  • IT Support
  • Recruitment
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting Services
  • Taxes

Everything Starts with the First Message!

A great relationship involves both sides supporting each other to become better versions of themselves every day. iSupport Worldwide can be that business partner, taking you to the heights you want to reach for growth and success. Our first message ends here, and we are looking forward to a long and stable partnership. If you feel like our partnership will be the best for you, book a discovery meeting with us for our first date!