KENT, WASHINGTON — Having hiring difficulties? Last June 2021, the USA Chamber of Commerce mentioned that American businesses of every size, across every industry, in every state, are reporting unprecedented challenges filling open jobs.

Courtney Bissett, CEO of one of the leading offshoring providers in the Philippines—iSupport Worldwide, sits down to share a few strategic solutions that can help struggling business leaders and owners. 

  • 42% (a record high) of businesses have difficulty filling in crucial job openings
  • 91% of those hiring reported few or no qualified applicants for the positions they were trying to fill
  • Over 90% of US-based companies are raising their wages to attract workers

These numbers paint a grim picture of America’s nationwide recruitment struggles. Despite unemployment benefits ending last September, the CNBC Global CFO Council Q3 2021 Survey still sees an increasing percentage of companies having difficulty hiring. Almost one-third of small business owners say their open positions stay vacant for at least three months — double the level from a year ago.

These troubles are not unique to the US. The perfect storm of COVID health concerns, pending vaccinations, mass relocation and displacement, demand for higher pay, and a general shift in how people view work affect the workforce of countries like the UK, Singapore, and Australia.

“The global pandemic brought many challenges to businesses throughout the world, but at the same time, it also presented some incredibly strategic opportunities. In the past, many thought teams needed to be in one place to function successfully. Yet WFH needs nowadays has taught businesses that they can seek support anywhere — even in another country!”, shares iSupport Worldwide President, Courtney Bissett.

Asked for expert advice, the Philippine-based executive shared that outsourcing, digitalization, and automation are the top 3 solutions business leaders and owners should adopt.

She added, “iSupport has grown exponentially over the last year by helping businesses survive and thrive with high-quality staff across functions. We are perfect for businesses ready to explore outsourcing and offshoring to resolve their hiring issues quickly. For those not yet ready to take that step, there’s digitalization and automation which are just as important in our new and highly modern world.”

Outsource Business Process

Outsourcing and offshoring have been the longtime strategic solutions for companies with scaling and hiring issues. Aside from saving up on time, effort, and money, businesses also use these to access otherwise unavailable or unaffordable in-demand skill sets. Quality BPO partners offer tailor-fit packages, providing teams as small as one staff or as big as 50 or more.

Go Digital

The need to limit people in workplaces highlighted the need for digital transformation across industries and functions. Companies that have successfully transitioned or expanded their work online not just survived but thrived in the past year. Nowadays, future-proofing a business means going digital and trying out virtual operations with a remote team.

Automate Where Possible

Businesses can go a step further out of the box and peruse innovative solutions like automation. Robotics and AI programs can answer skill gaps and lack of labor, reducing job positions that need to be filled. Certain tasks would still require human insight and management, but automation can make operations more efficient and seamless across the business.

“If a company is looking to grow efficiently and effectively with enormous cost benefits, outsourcing with an established offshoring partner is vital.”, says Courtney.

HR & recruitment efforts typically cost companies at least 28% of their budget. Since offshore outsourcing companies are generally in countries with low-cost economies, they can help reduce operational costs without sacrificing quality. Having remote staff also lets businesses scale up without needing to invest in additional space – a long-term fixed cost that eats up a company’s annual budget.

The future of work has dramatically changed, and businesses will have to expand their horizons to adapt and stand out in the new world. With the right partners, companies can emerge from today’s environment even bigger and better than ever.

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iSupport Worldwide is the Key to Competitive Yet Cost-Friendly Staffing

iSupport Worldwide is a 15-year-old US-owned BPO company that eliminates the hiring struggles of clients across the globe through world-class staffing solutions. It helps provide fast-growing companies of any size and industry with top-of-the-line support services, automated and digital solutions, fully-branded facilities, and managed operations. All these help clients thrive in today’s economic environment.

Imagine getting experienced AP Supervisors, IT Managers, Automation Experts, and Digital Marketing Specialists without breaking the bank? The possibilities are endless.

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