Why iSupport Worldwide is “The One”


If you think about it, finding an offshoring company to partner with your business is like going on trendy online dating apps. You have a plethora of dating options, with each profile boasting different personalities and features in hopes of tempting you to swipe right. However, how does one determine the perfect match?

Anyone participating in the dating game knows the routine: find an attractive profile, engage in conversations, and check if your personalities match. Those steps allow you to see if it is worth meeting in person. Surprisingly, you can apply the same process to how business owners determine the best offshoring partner for their needs.

The goal for offshoring companies is to create successful long-term relationships with their clients. That’s what all of us hope for – finding “the one” that best fits your goals and needs. Nearly every offshoring company can outsource business functions or solve staffing hurdles, but iSupport Worldwide knows that nurturing client relationships goes beyond providing these basic services.

iSupport Worldwide’s Five Love Languages


To best illustrate how looking for the best offshoring partner is similar to dating, we can use The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman. Dr. Chapman’s book outlines the ways partners can express their heartfelt commitment. With these globally recognized guidelines, we can assess a romantic or business partner’s level of involvement in our relationship.

iSupport Worldwide knows the importance of nurturing partnerships with clients. As a result, the company adjusted its services to become masters of the five love languages, but from a business perspective.

Words of Affirmation


Like in every relationship, communication is essential. It should be a given since offshoring companies have to have involved discussions with clients to determine their root problems like staffing, cost-reduction, and top objectives. After all, the goal of offshoring is to find tailor-fit employees that can seamlessly incorporate themselves into clients’ systems, may it be in HR, facilities, or IT capacities.

iSupport Worldwide believes that communication is critical in nurturing its relationship with its clients. The company values the journey each of its business partners trek, which is why the offshoring firm aims to provide help in every step. Our resource page boasts a collection of whitepapers vital in different stages of growing a business. It covers a wide variety of topics, from identifying the traits of a successful entrepreneur to the Philippine government’s actions to support the BPO industry. The resource page also contains valuable tips for offshoring, such as setting up remote offshore teams for digital marketing.

We also extend this support to non-clients through free-for-all content posted on our social media platforms. If you want tips for average business owners looking to stay motivated and inspired on their journey to business success, you can follow us here:

We take every opportunity to keep our clients updated about company-related news and offshoring industry trends. Our growth stems from our clients’ trust, which is one of the reasons why we became an honoree in the 2021 Inc. 5000 List of fastest-growing companies in the US.

Communication is key to a relationship, and it is iSupport Worldwide’s mantra to help business owners reach their goals beyond the services they expect from us. That level of transparency, honesty, and support is affirmation unmatched. If you’d like to talk, our lines are always open.

Quality Time

clock in heart shape

Time in the business landscape always feels warped. Part of it is due to the continuous flow necessary for business operations. Business owners must always maintain continuity for the processes that bring in profits because they invested heavily in them. Even if they only last for a couple of hours, delays and disruptions could mean financial losses reaching up to thousands of dollars. Add to that the competitive nature brought about by digital innovation; entrepreneurs always seem to face a hectic schedule in the journey to growth and success.

As a result, business owners do not have time to waste. Time is precious yet finite. Because it’s limited, they do not have time for costly mistakes. When people are in relationships, they must dedicate time to each other, not just be physically present. Quality time is an intimate love language that applies to business partnerships as well. Time is valuable for clients, which is iSupport Worldwide aims to make every interaction efficient and productive.

We understand how the fast-paced nature of the business landscape can force entrepreneurs to act immediately when a problem arises. Such a thing applies to staffing struggles. Without hardworking employees, it can be challenging for businesses to pursue growth or even maintain operations. That is why iSupport Worldwide sets the bar high, guaranteeing tailor-fit candidates in under 30 days. The recruitment starts as soon as day one, showing our commitment to the partnership right from the get-go. There is no time for dilly-dallying, especially when time wasted equates to thousands of dollars lost for you.

Time is money, which is why we at iSupport Worldwide are committed to helping business leaders like you find an extra set of hands that can help you make time for work that matters. By simply freeing up bandwidth and headspace for yourself, you’ll be able to focus on actually growing your business and your bottom line.​

  • Is your team’s load getting too much to handle?​
  • Are you looking to expand your team’s skillset?​
  • Do you want better returns for your monetary and time investments?​

Most business owners and leaders win simply because they use their time better than others.

Acts of Service


Offshoring isn’t a simple business service. While often thought of as a cost-saving plug-and-play solution for staffing problems, an offshore team consists of professionals vital for the continuity of business operations. The partnership will stay as long as those people remain under clients’ employment. It is not a one-and-done deal, as offshoring companies are in it for the long run.

In relationships, people’s wants and needs can change, which can lead to misunderstandings, fracturing a relationship that was once good. This situation is where acts of service should take over. Adjustments, sacrifices, and support are critical actions to ensure that the relationship remains strong amid changing times.

Offshoring companies must understand that the business landscapes change quickly and constantly, which means that their services might require adjustments such as additional remote workers, support services, business consultations, and the like. iSupport Worldwide aims to remain the most supportive offshore partner.

Acts of service is a love language where iSupport Worldwide thrives. The end-to-end support services clients enjoy are available 24/7, whether for facilities, recruitment, HR, or IT needs. iSupport Worldwide also knows that keeping up with innovation and trends contributes to business growth. As part of marketing efforts and client services, we aim to deliver as much assistance as our clients require to help them stay on track of business success.

Physical Touch

offshore team

Most people will tell you that meeting someone in person is better than going on dating apps. However, everything changed when the global pandemic set in. Suddenly, dating and meeting new contacts online became a global phenomenon. 30.4 million people in the US alone have online dating profiles in 2021.

Online, you get a chance to know more about the people you match with to check compatibility ahead of the first date. The business landscape’s version of physical touch is engagement. Whether it is for clients or their employees, iSupport Worldwide remains active in reaching out. Extending beyond the services people expect separates us from other offshoring companies.

The global pandemic has been harsh on everyone, business owners and workers alike. Aware of the mental and financial toll that clients and offshore employees experience, iSupport Worldwide’s engagement programs reflect how much we care about our stakeholders’ wellbeing. The personal commitment to compassion allows us to be an offshoring partner beyond professional business standards, a suitable match for entrepreneurs and professionals looking for a stable future.


business owner with gift

When we receive something special from a loved one, the feeling of love grows. However, the love language takes a different form when it comes to business. Offshoring companies should give gifts, material or otherwise, constantly to their clients to nurture the relationship.

With the ever-evolving business landscape, businesses should be critical in choosing outsourcing, offshoring, and staffing partners to help them adapt. Security, full support, and foresight are valuable gifts that business partners should constantly give each other.

iSupport Worldwide is committed to being a flexible partner dedicated to continuous innovation and improvement. As your offshore partner, we aim to deliver every step of the way, ensuring that evolving problems concerning offshoring and outsourcing services are not something you should feel concerned about.

Want to See if We Match as Business Partners?

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Partnering with any offshoring company can be nerve-wracking at first. However, you’ll never know for sure if you found the perfect match until you finally send that first message. If iSupport Worldwide is among your top candidates of offshoring partners, we are more than happy to start a mutually beneficial relationship with you! Interest? Book a meeting with us and see if we are a perfect match.