SEO and the Philippines: Why the Combination Makes Sense

By: Paolo Arguelles

seo processes in the philippines

In its simplest form, digital marketing involves getting customers to walk through your business doors. Entrepreneurs work and invest in jumpstarting operations, creating products and services that address the needs and demands of both customers and clients. Business owners enter the field with the excitement and vigor that their ventures will succeed. However, every other entrepreneur has the same goal as you. As a result, businesses have to do more than just direct operations. Your company will have to compete against its rivals for the attention of customers, which is where your digital marketing team comes in.

Businesses have to utilize digital platforms to stay relevant, pushing content and promotional ads to attract and engage customers. Every company has access to those, making digital marketing a competitive field in the digital age. Marketing campaigns and strategies should be up and running all the time to maintain a competitive edge and keep your business fresh in the eyes of consumers. Creativity and analytical thinking are the foundations of your company’s efforts to attract clients. However, another element is proving to be as essential as producing high-quality content.

The marketing strategies and campaigns across multiple digital platforms require visibility. No matter how well-written they might be, high-quality content must land on the front pages of search engine results to give the company a good return on investment. Customer traffic in business websites and digital platforms is one of the most valuable metrics that dictate the effectiveness and impact of marketing strategies.

As businesses continue to see the benefits of building a robust online presence, it’s become all the more crucial to lay down strategic digital marketing efforts like SEO as early as possible. SEO specialists have become must-haves in any winning marketing team because SEO plays an essential role in driving traffic to your website.

But before recruiting SEO marketers blindly, it is vital to understand why SEO should be a business priority and how Philippine SEO outsourcing services is your best option.

Optimized vs. Unoptimized Websites

Key points:

  • 73% of mobile internet users abandon unoptimized websites because of slow loading time
  • 40% of consumers abandon an unoptimized website if waiting time exceeds 3 seconds
  • 73% of optimized business websites lead to conversions
  • 55% purchase-related conversions occur within 1 hour for optimized websites

These numbers alone paint a pretty grim picture of how an unoptimized website could harm your company. Optimized websites provide better results, making your business more visible to consumers.
If you enjoy the same results but don’t know where or how to begin, let us walk you through everything you need to know about SEO in 2021.

SEO Explained: The Basics of SEO for Businesses

Search engine optimization pertains to the art of making content visible to different software systems that perform web searches. The World Wide Web is essential in the average person’s daily routine. Don’t know the name of a song? Type the lyrics you remember. Want to figure out what time it is on the other side of the planet? Search the location and time zone on the internet. The basic need to satisfy your curiosity is what makes search engines valuable tools. Utilizing them to attract customers to your products is the critical component that makes SEO a lock-in for marketing efforts.

Produced content requires visibility to be effective in generating customer traffic to websites and pages. SEO attempts to achieve that, but it is a complicated process. Most of the work with the algorithm comes down to luck, with every other business competing for the same space on top of search engines. Even if you produce content that packs much information, it might achieve little to no visibility because search engines can identify keyword abuse. Those errors lead to low SEO ranking factors scores, wasting content your marketing team made an effort to create.

SEO can get complicated real quick, given the various moving parts involved in making a successful SEO campaign. To simplify, when marketing teams develop a strategic approach to SEO, they usually identify these four critical areas:

Four pillars of SEO

The Four Pillars of SEO

  1. Technical SEO – Website design and development
  2. Content – Optimization of customer-attracting resources and elements
  3. On-site SEO – Structured content hierarchy
  4. Off-site SEO – Authority building

A structured and almost clinical process containing these four steps is necessary to optimize your company’s website. As a result, SEO specialists become essential hires for marketing teams. They serve as partners for content creators who take care of the creative aspects of campaigns and strategies. Optimizing visibility for the web pages and content is their job description. On top of that, they also play a vital role in one of your company’s most prioritized initiatives.

Businesses have to pursue cost-reduction strategies to maintain a competitive advantage. Almost every business operation requires investment and expenses. There is just no way around them. However, it does not mean reducing costs is not a viable strategy. Every company has different financial obligations to manage. No two companies have the same formula that allows for comparative analysis. However, you can identify a few areas that constantly take away the majority of your business funds.

Part of those expenses you commonly see involves marketing and advertising strategies. Content creation is not enough to attract customers. Those materials have to be present on the first pages of search engines and other digital platforms, commanding a formidable online presence and legitimate reputation for your business.

Without an SEO specialist in the marketing team, content gets lost in search engine limbo. Customer traffic will not be as high as you want it to be, despite the high-quality marketing material produced by the team. As a result, sponsored or paid ads become part of marketing campaigns.

Promoted content and pay-per-click advertising are not harmful by any means. Still, they do add significantly to your existing marketing expenses.

While it might be an additional expense on labor costs, hiring SEO specialists can provide organic search traffic that rivals promoted content. Website links will walk in front of the line of search engines with little to no amount invested in them. SEO specialists will constantly find ways to keep your business sites relevant in search engines, reducing costs dedicated to promoting content. A combination of both might be ideal, but the growth presented by organic marketing and advertising campaigns paints a better picture than paid ads.

outsourcing vs inhouse for seo staff

As it stands, SEO is part of the standard structure of a digital marketing team. In the digital era, where customers rely on the internet for their purchasing decisions, businesses have to adjust accordingly. Some companies even dedicate an entire department comprising managers and specialists to maintain the four pillars of SEO. Unfortunately, the action affects another business expense: wage and benefits.

Hiring in-house SEO specialists present a costly situation followed by a recruitment challenge. Besides the apparent recruitment costs to find qualified local candidates, companies must consider the salary and benefits that those hires demand. The lack of available local talent might also become a problem because other businesses are investing in them.

Fortunately, outsource and offshore services are cost-efficient options that prevent companies from encountering those two obstacles. Among the many countries that provide those excellent services, the Philippines is at the top of the list.

Hire SEO Specialists in the Philippines for the Best ROI

seo in the philippines

Cost-reduction strategies drive companies to outsource and offshore solutions. However, getting those services requires research and planning before they can become effective for cutting costs. Business owners must consider many factors that can make the decision efficient.

Generally, companies want to outsource or offshore from nations with a low-cost economy. The Philippines ranks 4th in financial attractiveness among the top 10 outsourcing hubs in the world. Communication is also a critical factor for companies when outsourcing. For the top 10 English-speaking nations worldwide, the Philippines comes in 5th. Those statistics paint the general overview of outsourcing to the Philippines. If you are looking for something that can tell you how effective SEO professionals are in the country, we have more statistics for you.

Marketing is among the top outsourced business functions in the Philippines, matching customer support and IT. The country boasts approximately 16,000 SEO practitioners, a number that grows around 10% annually. 65% of Philippine locals under the age of 19 use the internet daily, which is the highest rate in the world. Nearly half of the entire country’s population goes online, which means the potential for finding skilled digital marketing experts is incredibly high. Philippine SEO specialists also use white hat techniques, protecting the reputation of your website and company online.

The opportunities for hiring outsourced marketing services in the Philippines are promising, especially for SEO. This is why clients from countries like the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom employ SEO experts from the Philippines.

They get their money’s worth while ensuring the quality of work.

Start Increasing Your Website Traffic

The benefits of adding SEO experts to your team can make your marketing efforts more effective and cost-efficient. Content can reach its intended audience better when SEO professionals take care of visibility and SEO rankings. If you feel worried that adding a few more people to your marketing team is costly, outsourcing and offshoring are reliable options.

The Philippines is an excellent location for outsourcing or offshoring work, whether it is for marketing and SEO or other business functions. Both present cost-reducing and talent recruitment solutions, but you must know the difference between outsourcing and offshoring.

Suppose you decide to hire an offshore team for your SEO needs, you’ll have to seek an offshore partner that can provide you with talented SEO practitioners and other professionals quickly and efficiently. iSupport Worldwide can help you achieve that goal.

It’s as easy as booking a call with us or telling us what you need for your digital marketing team.